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When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.
-Audre Lorde

Spill That Tea!

A Radical Lifestyle Podcast, Blog and Organization about Feminist Epistemologies Healing Practices and Justice. We are a community of practice that is rooted in and guided by those who's voices are often forgotten or refuted. It aims to transform and recognize that our black, indigenous, disabled, queer and trans voices are sources of expertise. We are healers, spiritual leaders and cultural workers. We aim to delve into intersections where other life style, spirituality, self help and wellness content often glide over or do not have the capacity to engage, and offer tangible tools to build cross movement solidarity, radical activism, healing and well being. We are committed to breaking intergenerational curses of trauma, white supremacy, and colonization, to become fully embodied people and to regain agency in our lives and communities. We are critical but also so much more than our criticisms, we are expansive full of light and darkness and most importantly We. Will. Speak

This blog consists predominantly of one tired angry black queer's commentary on life, generational trauma, healing justice ,queerness social justice and radical self love in the context of activism. From soft blackness, to queer representation in media, to guide lines towards decolonizing your activism this blog will cover it all. While the creator of this blog is of the aforementioned identities, other marginalized identities will be featured with proper credit and input from communities affected. This is a radical leftist space, and as such the emotional labor from contributors, whether formally or informally should be acknowledged and compensated. Should you gain anything from this content please compensate this labor by donating to the venmo's/paypals/etc. linked on each page and/or sign up to become a Patreon. 10% of all donations given in the name of Black Tea Speaks (Excluding Patreon Membership) Will go to one of the various BLM funds.

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About The Creator

Gray Butler, the creator and founder of Black Tea Speaks, was born in Baltimore Maryland where she spent the majority of her life. They spent the majority of their childhood balancing two very different worlds, the realities of being a poor child of color from disenfranchised then later gentrified neighborhoods of Baltimore City, and the predominantly white wealthy all girl's private school they'd attended by merit of scholarship. While they recognize their privilege of education, their experiences have brought them complex realities in terms of racialization, blackness and class inequality. In addition to this their experiences and trauma with childhood sexual assault, queerness, mental illness and disabilities, and generational trauma have dramatically shaped their life and propelled them towards speaking out about radical healing and social change. They currently reside in Southern California where they attend college, majoring in Gender and Women's Studies. What prompted the creation of this blog, was the desire to document their journey through mental health crises, gender identity confusion, as well as addressing family trauma for the first time. This blog is intended to be a combination of their favorite things: the color pink, social justice, speaking and spilling tea!